Red Deer Lake School is located in Foothills County, just west of Calgary. There are 476 students who attend Red Deer Lake School, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The catchment for RDL School spans through Divisions 4 and 5 with just under 6,500 residents (as per most recent 2018 Foothills County data).

Red Deer Lake School Council is comprised of a group of parents of Red Deer Lake students who come together to bring the best experience possible for the students at the school and the surrounding communities. 

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It's no secret that kids love to play. More and more research is showing just how vitally important that play is. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that "play is not frivolous. Rather, play is brain building, a central part of healthy child development, a key to executive functioning skills, and a buffer against the negative impacts of stress." 

It is shocking to learn that, despite knowing how important play is, Canadian children scored a D+ in the area of active play on the ParticipAction report card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth.

Our school community wants to change this!

The inclusive playground expansion project at Red Deer Lake School will promote healthy living, an active lifestyle and fun for all children. Being the recipient of your generosity would mean that we would be well on our way to making this dream a reality for the kids in our community. 

While Red Deer Lake School currently has a play structure in place, the structure can no longer safely accommodate all students. 


The expanded playground will increase playground capacity and provide a safe place for all children, including those who don’t always feel comfortable on our current playground, to play. This may include children with mobility limitations, sensory disorders, learning differences and autism spectrum disorder. 

Our hope is that, by constructing a new inclusive playground, we will be able to have a place that is welcoming and safe for all community children.

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