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Red Deer Lake School Council is comprised of a group of parents of Red Deer Lake students who come together to bring the best experience possible for the students at the school and the surrounding communities. 

Red Deer Lake School is located in Foothills County, just west of Calgary. There are nearly 500 students who attend Red Deer Lake School, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The catchment for RDL School spans through Divisions 4 and 5 with just under 6,500 residents.

School Council meets at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings consist of an update from School Council, a report from RDL Administration (Principal and Vice-Principal), funding requests and discussion of any additional items as needed. The second portion of the meeting focuses on fundraising initiatives including current and future fundraisers, hot lunch, casinos and more. 

Parents are welcome to attend one or both meetings. Meetings generally conclude by 9 PM. They are a great way to hear directly from RDL administrators and teachers, voice your opinion, make an impact with fundraising and meet fellow parents!

Meet The Team

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